I’ve just started to use this line on my clients and it is far superior to any wet line I have ever used! Started by Jim Markham, one of the original creators of Pure°logy, this line has all of the color retention technology that Pure°logy does, plus a boost from all of the most current retention technology! Today I want to tell you about the Anti-Frizz system. It is absolute magic! My clients have been amazed at how smooth and silky their hair feels and looks after a simple shampoo and condition, and the application of just one or two products before a blow dry. I myself have very wavy/curly/frizzy hair and have experienced the smoothing and even slightly straightening effects of CrazySmooth. After shampooing and conditioning, you simply need to apply my new favorite product, Plush Locks to your hair and blow dry as usual. ColorProof has made all of their products mixable so you can add anything from the line to another product to create a desired effect. In the case of the Anti-Frizz system, the other player is the Extreme Shine Treatment Oil. This is a big favorite at my salon (Ruby 6) too! It stays very shiny on the hair and can be mixed in with the Plush Locks for drier/dull/coarse hair types…or applied post-blow dry to create a shiny texture through the ends that is light enough to not weigh down your hair. Yesterday, a fellow stylists was able to blow dry one of her frizzier clients with just her hands…no brush needed at all! The client was so amazed that she bought the line immediately for home use. The Plush Locks is also great because it decreases blow dry time…something both my clients and I love! CrazySmooth shampoo and conditioner will not weigh your hair down so it is also great for people with fine hair that is unruly. I really just love this stuff!!!