Although it may seem like I am promoting ColorProof products as if I have a stake in the company, I assure you that I don’t! As a colorist, the main products I focus on are shampoos, conditioners, and leave in protective treatments. Color retention is the top priority, so if a product ensures that, then the rest is icing on the cake. In the case of all ColorProof products, the color retention technology is state of the art. The added bonus is that the different lines actually perform to do exactly what they say they willEwhich is very rare. TruCurl is touted as a “curl perfecting” system, and it does just that! I have tried it on my own naturally loose wavy hair and it sprung up my waves making my hair more curly and voluminous, yet extremely soft. This was all before I put a drop of product in my hair! I had a coworker who is a curly hair expert try it on herself and she was amazed at how much her own curls had sprung up about 2 inches. She immediately had me order her the system and said it would be perfect for people who have an uneven curl patternEas in the client with curls in the back and flat waves in the front. It really helps to spring up the flatter/straighter sections, thus evening out the curl pattern. The company says that TruCurl works the way it does as a result of seaweed, which provides greater moisture retention in the hair, and a “secret ingredient,” which they cannot disclose. They can be a secretive as they choose because I am absolutely sold! TruCurl is an amazing curly hair system and the company has told me that a TruCurl styling cream is on the way. My loose waves are shrinking up at just the thought of it!