Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Reduced Salon capacity for purposes of social distancing: We have reduced the number of stylists and clients in the shop each day and have spaced out stations to insure at least 6 feet of distance between chairs.
  • “One client at a time” policy: This will eliminate congestion in the reception area and throughout the shop. Please refrain from bringing a guest with you to your appointment. They will not be allowed to enter the shop.
  • PPE policy: All stylists will be required to wear a protective mask or face covering, as well as other mandated PPE. This may include face shields and gloves when necessary. Gloves will be disposed of after every use.
  • Increased disinfection: All chairs, sinks, implements and equipment will be sterilized between clients, as is common practice. Additionally we will increase the frequency of disinfecting all high-touch areas throughout the salon.
  • By appointment only: in order to ensure a reduced capacity in the salon at all times, walk-in appointments cannot be taken. Please contact your stylist directly for an appointment.
  • Any stylist who is sick or exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 will be prevented from working in the shop and will be asked to quarantine for 14 days and be tested before returning to work.

Here is what we will need from you:

  • All clients will be required to wear a mask or protective face covering at all times while in the salon. Please arrive with two masks, as the one you are wearing during your service will get soiled and wet.
  • Be prepared to have your temperature taken with a no touch thermometer.
  • Please do not come to the salon if you are sick or exhibiting ANY symptoms of covid-19. Here is a list of symptoms from the CDC website.
  • Upon arrival, please go directly to the restroom and wash your hands. Gloves are NOT allowed to be worn by clients in the salon to prevent the spread of germs. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the salon, and we encourage you to use it liberally.
  • Cancellation and No-show Fees: as a result of government regulations that limit our capacity and amount of available appointments per day, we are forced to implement stricter guidelines regarding our cancellation and no-show policies. Please discuss this directly with your stylist, as each stylist has his / her own policy.


Due to new government mandates and safety precautions,  I am unable to service as many clients as I have traditionally been able to. For this reason, every booked slot is of the highest value to me and there will be no leniency with the following policies.
  • 24 hour notice is required for cancellations or schedule changes or you will be charged the full cost of your booked service. Cancellations fees due to COVID-19 symptoms will be waived. I encourage you to stay home if you are feeling unwell. At least 21 days must pass before re-booking your appointment in order to allow for proper quarantining and testing.
  • Abbreviated services due to client lateness will be charged at the full cost of the booked service.
  • If you arrive too late for me to perform your booked service you will be charged for the full cost of the service, and will need to reschedule your appointment.
  • No-Shows will be charged the full cost of the booked service, even if you re-book a service immediately upon being informed of your missed appointment.

NOTE: Each stylist has their own cancellation policy. Please contact your stylist directly for more information.