The answer to this question is that it is simply a matter of preference. Often my blonde highlight clients are up for a bit of color play in the form of lowlights and midlights during the winter months in order to make their hair warmer or richer. Winter is a great time to experiment with deeper tones because you aren’t exposing yourself to fading agents, such as sun and sea/pool water, as much as you are during the summer months. If you wear a single process hair color, consider trying a glaze overlay in a deeper or warmer tone to temporarily experiment with a richer looking color. If you are a blonde highlight client, try adding some honey or caramel tones to the mixflor if you are feeling adventurous, try experimenting with a high contrast lowlight such as a chocolate brown or an auburn shade. Redheads can try adding panels of deeper reds to the under layers of their hair to create depth and texture. Of course, all of the above suggestions can be worn at anytime of the year, but winter is traditionally a time when people seem more comfortable experimenting with deeper tones. When you do decide to take the plunge, it is essential for you to be using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioning system with anti-fade technology. My choice for the best results in terms of color retention is ColorProof. The entire line has state of the art ingredients designed to preserve the vibrancy of your new color. The line boast an impressive 96% color retention rate after 10 washes! I have witnessed this on myself and on my clients, so I can confidently recommend ColorProof for your aftercare.